The Rapid Refresh® Curtain System Difference

Simple. Safe. Adaptable.

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Curtain Installation Video Instructions

Rapid Refresh® Patented Quick Release System

The Rapid Refresh Curtain System is the Infection Prevention Hybrid solution

  • Turn rooms faster with the Simplest, Safest, & Most Adaptable Curtain System.
  • The interchangeable Disposable, Reusable and Extended Use Sereneview® and Armor™ curtains are the perfect solution for the different Infection Control, Interior Design, EVS, and Health Care Sustainability needs.
  • Simplify inventory to one panel size while the adaptors accommodate ceiling heights from 7 to 12 creating a uniform profile throughout the department.

The Rapid Refresh® Curtain System Difference – Simple, Safe, Adaptable

  • Curtain changeout in less than 30 seconds with less staff
  • Change ONE department in ONE hour with ONE person
  • Ergonomically engineered to reduce repetitive motion
  • Adaptable: designed to use with 7’ to 10’ ceiling height
  • Simplified inventory with one panel size
  • Complements and strengthens your hospital curtain change protocol
  • Installs on existing track
  • Eliminates mesh
  • Extended Use, Disposable or Reusable Curtains are interchangeable throughout your facility
  • Patented Quick release system
  • Non Patient Intrusive, quick, quiet curtain changes
  • No ladder or tools required
  • Optional Anti-microbial and Stain guard finishes available on the Extended Use curtain

Rapid Refresh® FAQ

Yes; Rapid-Refresh Privacy Curtains are designed to hang on existing track.

There is only one size for disposable curtains (66”x 105”) and one size for Re-usable curtains (66”x 108”) to optimize efficiency within a facility. Our rod-set adaptors accommodate varying ceiling heights. The Rapid-Refresh system ensures all curtains hang 8-12”off the ground.

Both options are available.

ICP Medical’s Rapid-Refresh system rod-set Adaptors eliminate mesh and can accommodate varying ceiling heights.

Our system is adaptable to your hospital’s existing infection control protocols. ICP Medical does not have a manufacturer recommend protocol.

Adaptor FAQ

For information on measuring for a replacement rod-set Adaptor, click here. For information on measuring curtains for a room, click here. For measuring assistance, please contact your local representative.

The curtain breaks away from the rod-set Adaptor at 13 pounds.