Curtain Change Out in Less Than 30 Seconds!

Rapid Refresh Reusable Curtains

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Designed to meet infection control, sustainability, safety and interior design goals while reducing staff time to change out rooms.

  • Interior Design
    The Rapid Refresh® Reusable Curtains made from up to 60% recycled polyester come in 6 curtain patterns that match the Disposable and Armor™ Curtains. Providing hospitals with interchangeable options based on the department. Rapid Refresh® curtains are designed to fit your hospital’s curtain change policy.
  • Ergonomic Design
    The Rapid Refresh® curtain system eliminates the repetitive motion of unsnapping or unhooking the curtains. Simply reach up, insert a key, turn, and the curtain is released. Now, it’s seconds instead of minutes to change a curtain.
  • Productivity Design
    The Rapid Refresh® curtain increases productivity by reducing the time it takes to change a curtain from minutes to seconds. There is no more looking for a ladder or finding the right size curtain. It is a one size curtain that can be changed without a ladder. Each curtain has a Barcode and an RFID chip that can be used with your curtain tracking software or ICP Medical’s curtain change management program to record curtain changes to meet record of compliance and traceability.
  • Durable Design
    The patented quick change release system components were tested in 50 commercial washings without any performance degradation. The components did not impact the commercial washers or dryers that were used in the testing.

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