Curtain Change Out in Less Than 30 Seconds!

Rapid Refresh Reusable Curtains

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Healthy Healing Design

Armor™ curtains color coordinate with disposable and reusable curtains. Providing hospitals with interchangeable options based on the department. Made from 100% triple weave polyester fabric that is more opaque than traditional privacy curtains, increasing privacy and reducing light exposure to the patient.

Infection Prevention Design

Antimicrobial (AEM 5700) technology protects treated surfaces by inhibiting the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi. Antimicrobial technology repels these microorganisms on contact without leaching into the environment.

Stain Resistant Design

Armor™ stain guard prevents bodily fluids, betadine, and ink from becoming permanent stains. Curtains can be cleaned in place, wiping away the stains and reducing the number of times the curtain needs to be laundered.

Sustainable Design

The Armor™ Curtains can help support your sustainability initiatives. The antimicrobial and stain guard protection can help to reduce the number of washes, reducing water and energy consumption and detergents released into the environment. Rapid Refresh® curtains are designed to fit your hospital’s curtain change policy.

Durable Design

The curtains are made with a dye-sublimation process which produces vibrant colors that won’t fade or bleed over time.

Suitable for use in showers. The antimicrobial finish will protect against the growth of mildew and mold making it suitable for shower environments. The polyester fabric naturally wicks water and is considered water resistant.

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