Frequently Asked Questions

Curtain Systems

Rapid Refresh® FAQ

Yes; Rapid-Refresh Privacy Curtains are designed to hang on existing track.

There is only one size for disposable curtains (66”x 105”) and one size for Re-usable curtains (66”x 108”) to optimize efficiency within a facility. Our rod-set adaptors accommodate varying ceiling heights. The Rapid-Refresh system ensures all curtains hang 8-12”off the ground.

Both options are available.

ICP Medical’s Rapid-Refresh system rod-set Adaptors eliminates mesh and can accommodate varying ceiling heights.

Our system is adaptable to your hospital’s existing infection control protocols. ICP Medical does not have a manufacturer recommend protocol.

Adaptor FAQ

For information on measuring for a replacement rod-set Adaptor, click here. For information on measuring curtains for a room, click here. For measuring assistance, please contact your local representative.

For information on fixing rod set adaptors click here to view the video. For assistance, please contact your local representative .Link to contact form

The curtain breaks away from the rod-set Adaptor at 13 pounds.

PPE Organizers

PPE Organizers FAQ

The PPE organizers are available in Clear, Grey and Beige.

We stock the components needed to build the PPE Organizer. For most orders we ship within 2 weeks. For large orders or enclosed cabinets, the lead time is 6 to 8 weeks.

We stock all PPE components and can ship within 48 hours depending on the quantity.

The clear PPE Organizers are made from PETG, a thermoplastic polyester that provides significant chemical resistance, and durability.  Boltaron® plastic is used to make grey and beige components.

Yes, ICP Medical’s organizers are custom-built to fit your facility’s needs.  For help building an organizer click here and a representative will reach out to you soon.

PPE Apparel

PPE Apparel FAQ

ICP Medical has AAMI Level 2 and 3 gowns.

The RR-300FC is an AAMI Level 3 gown with an approved 510K.

Spunbond Polypropylene
For basic infection control, this non-woven fabric bonds fibers together to form a single layer that is appropriate only for very minimal fluid exposure.

SMS Material
Strong and breathable, Spunbond/Meltblown/Spunbond (SMS) is a multi-layer fabric composed of inner layers of meltblown polypropylene between outer layers of spunbond polypropylene that is ideal for extended wear. Light/medium weight SMS is appropriate for low amounts of fluid and heavy weight SMS may be appropriate for moderate contact with fluids

Coated Polypropylene (“Poly-coated”) (PP+PE)
Soft, spunbond polypropylene is coated with a layer of polyethylene (plastic) film.

Polyethylene (Plastic) Film (PE)
A single layer of polyethylene (plastic) film provides protection at an affordable cost.


Shoe Cover Systems

BootieButler® FAQ

The dispensers are easy to load and use. Application and removal is so easy, a 4-year-old can do it.

Yes. BootieButler® has a direct-to-public sales department.

No. The booties are specially packed for easy loading into BootieButler®. Once used, they may not be reloaded, and to reuse the booties would
make the protected area open to contamination.

Absolutely. Areas of savings include: 1) reduced rework that saves scrap costs and avoids secondary runs and 2) slip/fall incident avoidance that
can result in less paid time off, disability payments, and/or lawsuit costs.

The BootieButler® Shoe Cover Dispensers are available in electrical and kinetic automatic models. The kinetic models require no electricity.

Yes. By using the removers, one never has to touch the contaminated bootie and the soiled shoe covers are contained in a disposable bag.

Yes. Using our machines prevents people from trying to balance on one foot while “booting up,” eliminating possible falls and injuries

Yes. Industry reports indicate that it takes workers and average of 35 seconds to put on a pair of shoe covers. Using the KineticButler shoe cover dispenser, application time is reduced to only 5 seconds; an 85.7% reduction.

Download our Weights and Dimensions Sheet.

BootieButler® uses a variety of shipping methods and providers to ensure the fastest, safest delivery at the most competitive rates.  If the purchaser wishes, they may receive express shipping.  Generally, orders received and processed by 12:00 pm Eastern time (Monday-Friday) will ship the same day.