Reusable Curtains

Simple. Safe. Adaptable

Designed to meet infection control, sustainability, safety and interior design goals while reducing staff time to change out rooms.

Utilizes the Rapid Refresh® Patented Quick Release System

Fabric Construction – Made from up to 60% recycled polyester and tested in 50 commercial washings without any performance degradation of the Patented Quick Release System components.

  • Each curtain has a Barcode and an RFID chip that can be used with your curtain tracking software or ICP Medical’s curtain change management program to record curtain changes to meet record of compliance and traceability.

Fabric Designs – available in six curtain patterns that match the Disposable and Armor™ Curtain patterns to provide healthcare systems interchangeable options based on the needs of the department.

  • Complements and strengthens your hospital curtain change protocol.

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