Electric Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser

Our Electric Dispenser is designed for moderate to high-volume areas where speed, safety and compliance are critical. The simple design allows booties to be applied hands-free and enables workers to enter facilities without dropping tools or touching dirty shoes.

  • Easy to use: LED smart guide with LED light guides wearer exactly where to place their foot; light will turn off when the shoe cover is correctly fitted.
  • Each box of shoe covers is intelligently designed for the dispenser to automatically recognize the remaining quantity of shoe covers and displays the number on the screen (up to 100 pairs of shoe covers).
  • Easy-to-load Shoe Cover Box slides into the dispenser.
  • Smart safety feature detects when foot is removed and reloads new shoe cover with infrared sensors. Hidden Retractor protects feet from being nipped when a foot is placed inside.
  • When a malfunction occurs, the Intelligent software automatically detects the malfunctions and displays the corresponding malfunction code.
  • Helps with compliance of cleanroom standards.
  • Hands-free operation, Telescoping Handrail provides extra balance for the user.
  • Eliminates the need for benches and stools in entry ways.
  • Reduced application time (more than 4x faster).
  • Increased worker safety and compliance.
  • Reduced contamination and errors.
  • Requires 110v electricity.


Aerospace, Agriculture, Animal science labs, Clean rooms, Commercial laundries, Construction, Data centers, Electronics manufacturing, Electrostatic sensitive environments, Food processing/production, Health care, Manufacturing, Mining & oil production, Pharmaceutical/pharmacies, Real estate, Research/Universities

Physical Characteristics

Material: Stainless steel, painted steel, high-impact ABS plastic

Capacity: One (1) shoe cover refill cartridge (up to 100 Pairs)

Shipping Dimensions: 29x15x43, weight 60lbs