Shower Curtains

Simple. Safe. Adaptable

Utilizes the Rapid Refresh® Patented Quick Release System or a Flexible Grommet. Our shower curtains support infection prevention protocol and are easy to remove and replace with no need for ladders or special tools.

Fabric Construction – Polypropylene nonwoven fabric repels water and can hang for the duration of the time indicated in your infection control curtain change policy.

  • Flexible grommets allow for easy removal and replacement

  • Can be custom cut to fit your preferred length, Standard size 79”x105”

  • Spot cleaning as needed between change outs.

  • Date Label aids in record of compliance to easily document curtain change outs.

  • Shower curtain can be use with Rapid Refresh Adaptors on existing track

Fabric Designs – available in 3 curtain patterns that match the Privacy Curtains.

  • Provides hospitals, clinics and healthcare systems interchangeable options based on the department’s needs and are designed to support curtain change policies.

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