July 15, 2015
ICP Medical features "fast, efficient, infection prevention" at APIC 2015

June, 2015 -- In sports, they say speed kills. Well in the world of infection prevention... speed saves lives.

That was evidenced by the live demonstrations that took place within the ICP Medical booth at APIC 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee. There experts from ICP Medical showed how quickly their Rapid Refresh privacy curtains could be changed out... under 30 seconds, while minimizing the risk of injury to healthcare workers as well as preventing the spread of infections such as MRSA or C. diff. Part of what makes the curtain unique is a rail system called Rapid Rail which allows the curtains to be hung and removed quickly, and allow them to slide effortlessly, saving on wear and tear and minimizing injury. The TimeStrip technology alerts workers as to when to change a curtain, making identification of older product simple.

Also on display was a revolutionary product for donning and removing booties, or shoe covers, in a sanitary and hygienic way. The Bootie Butler automatic dispenser and remover provides a hands-free way to don and remove shoe covers, minimizing the risk of infections as well as workplace injuries. The Bootie Butler system also makes shoe cover inventory control more efficient and predictable.

A convenient dispensing system called the Personal Protective Equipment organizer was featured as well. ICP Medical's PPE organizers offer a customizable way to organize gloves, masks, gowns and more for easy access and refilling of commonly used personal protection items. Read more about the PPE here.

ICP also showcased a new cleaning product, called Pure, which improves the hygiene in hospitals, healthcare facilities, schools, even cruise ships. Ask us for details on this new product.