Group Purchasing Organizations
ICP Medical is a leading manufacturer of healthcare solutions from the front door to the patient zone. Centered primarily around infection control and prevention, we serve hospitals and medical facilities throughout the United States and the world.

ICP Medical assists group purchasing organization (GPO) realize savings and efficiencies by providing access to our manufacturing and distribution processes as well as our cost-reducing infection control and prevention products.

ICP Medical offers unique solutions ideal for IDNs that employ self-distribution as part of their purchasing model.

Currently, we offer our line of infection control products to the following group purchasing organizations:

Rapid Refresh Privacy Curtains
Contract Number: PP-FA-906

Rapid Refresh Privacy Curtains
HealthTrust Contract #5692

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GPO Healthcare Products:
Stretcher sheets
Dental gowns
Privacy curtains
Privacy curtain installation kits
Bouffant caps
Shoe covers
Scrub sets
Personal protection equipment organizer