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ICP Medical is a leading manufacturer of healthcare solutions from the front door to the patient zone. Centered primarily around infection control and prevention, we serve hospitals and medical facilities throughout the United States and the world.

ICP Medical is a category leader in each of its product offerings, focusing on products that assist medical facilities in reducing or eliminating the risk of multi-source infections.

ICP Medical is also honored to have been awarded an exclusive worldwide agreement for gowns, shoe covers and bouffant caps.

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ICP Products on DAPA

Stretcher Sheets:

  • ICP-9001GUR


  • ICP-6100BP
  • ICP-6100Fern
  • ICP-6100TF
  • ICP-6100M
  • ICP-6100Circles
  • ICP-6100Fall


  • ICP-3845
  • ICP-5055B
  • ICP-8150
  • ICP-8150FC
  • ICP-8300
  • ICP-5050Y
  • ICP-7050C
  • ICP-7052FCC
  • ICP-7053FCC
  • ICP-5050YFC

Bouffant Caps:

  • ICP-CPXP21
  • ICP-CPXP24
  • ICP-CPXP28
  • ICP-CPPSB0021
  • ICP-CPPSB0024
  • ICP-CPPSB0025
  • ICP-CPPSB0027
  • ICP-CPPSB0028

Shoe Covers:

  • ICP-BCNC0003
  • ICP-HSPP0003
  • ICP-SCNC0002
  • ICP-SCNS0001
  • ICP-SCNS0003
  • ICP-SCXP0003
  • ICP-SCXT0002
DOD Healthcare Products:
Privacy curtains
Scrub sets
Pediatric scrubs
Shower curtains
Personal protection equipment organizer