Case Studies

Case Study: ICP develops a gown that is both safe AND comfortable.

When their current gown suppliers were unwilling to create a standardized isolation gown, and no other acceptable products were found, this hospital turned to ICP for a customized solution. The optimal isolation gown would need to provide both maximum protection and comfort, and meet specific packaging requirements, all at a cost that would minimize the impact of increased usage ICP's solution is a uniquely comfortable laminated gown, with a protective poly-coated outer layer, and an inner cloth layer that keeps plastic away from the skin and absorbs perspiration. The tear-away design eliminates the need to reach around the neck to untie and dispose of the gown, reducing possible contamination. They also include a specially designed thumb-loop, which prevents sleeves from riding up and exposing workers' wrists, as happens with traditional gowns. The product was packaged and delivered to exactly meet our customers' specifications, allowing them to maximize the amount of product stored in their PPE organizers. The ICP gown has helped our client eliminate six separate SKU #'s, at a savings of 28% over their previous products. Nursing and administration are both very happy with the new design, and have since requested ICP's help on additional product development.

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Case Study: ICP develops customizable organizational system for personal protection equipment.

Nursing committee members from this hospital committed to eliminating bulky isolation carts from their corridors in an effort to increase safety for both patients and nurses. They turned to ICP for help in creating a better solution for organizing and distributing personal protection supplies. ICP's customized solution addresses a number of issues found with the old carts and cabinets. Our "open system" design allows staff members to immediately access necessary supplies, and to see when inventory is low in order to refill it as necessary. The organizers are completely adaptable, with adjustable brackets that accommodate many brands and product sizes, and a customizable layout that can be adjusted to meet the needs of individual departments or facilities. ICP also developed several new mounting options which increase compliancy by making it possible to hang the organizers at any "point of care," including walls, glass and doors. Our client has successfully implemented PPE organizers throughout their hospital system, and has used them for over three years. Isolation carts have been eliminated, much to the satisfaction of nursing staff, and an increased compliancy with personal protection equipment has been achieved.

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